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2021 Palmdale Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Survey

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  2. Do you live or work in Palmdale?*

  3. Live, Work, or Both

  4. Do you own or rent?

  5. If you have lived in Palmdale for 5 years or more, have you or someone in your household directly experienced a natural disaster such as an earthquake, severe windstorm, flood, wildfire, or other type of natural disaster while in Palmdale?

  6. Which of these natural disasters have you or someone in your household experienced in the past five years?

    (Please check all that apply)

  7. How do you get information?*

    (Please check up to three)

  8. How concerned are you about the following hazards?

  9. Drought

  10. Severe Weather

  11. Earthquake

  12. Pandemic

  13. Flood, Dam Failure and Inundation Hazards

  14. Transportation Accident/Hazardous Materials Spill

  15. Wildfire Hazards/Brush Fire

  16. Power/Utility Failure

  17. Planning ahead for responding to disasters can help lessen their impact. To help the City prioritize its disaster preparedness efforts, please tell us how important each of the following goals is to you.

  18. Protecting private property

  19. Protecting critical facilities (hospitals, fire stations, etc.)

  20. Preventing development in hazard areas

  21. Protecting the natural environment

  22. Protecting historical/cultural landmarks, museums, etc.

  23. Promoting cooperation among public and private organizations and citizens

  24. Protecting and reducing damage to utilities

  25. Strengthening emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)

  26. Protecting major employers

  27. Protecting small businesses

  28. Protecting K-12 schools

  29. Protecting Colleges/Universities

  30. Community assets are features, characteristics, or resources that either make a community unique or allow the community to function. Please rank the importance of protecting the following community assets:

  31. Human: Loss of life and/or injuries

  32. Economic: Business closures and/or job losses

  33. Infrastructure: Damage or loss of bridges, utilities, schools, etc.

  34. Cultural Historic: Damage or loss of libraries, museums, fairgrounds, etc.

  35. Environmental: Damage or loss of forests, rangeland, waterways, etc.

  36. Governance: Ability to maintain order and/or provide public amenities and services

  37. Have you taken any of the following steps to prepare your household for potential disasters? (Check all that apply)

  38. How would you rank the following strategies to address pre- and post-disaster damage?

  39. Retrofit and strengthen essential facilities such as police, fire, emergency medical services, hospitals, schools, etc.

  40. Replace inadequate or vulnerable bridges and causeways

  41. Install or improve protective structures, such as floodwalls or levees

  42. Government buys flood-prone properties and returns them to a natural condition

  43. Assist property owners with securing funding to mitigate impacts to their property caused by disasters

  44. Work on improving the damage resistance of utilities (electricity, communications, water/wastewater facilities, etc.)

  45. Strengthen City codes, ordinances, and plans to require high risk management standards

  46. Provide better information about hazard risk and high-hazard areas

  47. Inform property owners of ways they can prevent damage to their properties

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