What is required for a business license in a commercial or industrial building?

A Zoning Clearance - Occupancy Review Form is required prior to a business being established in an existing building in any commercial/industrial zone in the City.  Zoning clearances are approved by Planning and Building & Safety. This is an in-person procedure and is usually handled at the time the form is submitted.  However, staff may have to retain the form if additional research or site inspections are needed. Changing the use of a building from one type of use to another (for example, from retail sales to a restaurant) may require additional permits and/or modifications to the site.

Verification & Requirements

Planning verifies that the General Plan and Zoning designations for the location permit the establishment of your business at the site you have chosen. They also verify that parking, access, and signage meet City standards. Building & Safety reviews their building permit files to confirm that there are no outstanding building permits and that the building is safe for the business requesting a permit. 

They may also require additional paperwork/permits from other permitting agencies, such as the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Health Department, Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD), and Los Angeles County Sanitation District. Fees vary for inspections. You may contact Building & Safety at 661-267-5353 for more information regarding fees and special permits.

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