Great Shake Out
An earthquake is the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth, caused by the breaking and shifting of underground rock. Earthquakes can cause buildings to collapse and cause heavy items to fall, resulting in injuries and property damage. Earthquakes can:
  • Happen anywhere – though we are at a much higher here in California
  • It often happens without warning
  • Can cause fires, damage roads, lead to tsunamis, landslides, and avalanches 


  • Secure items, such as televisions, and objects that hang on walls. Store heavy and breakable objects on low shelves. If at work, secure all your items and make sure you have clear space under your desk to use for " cover"
  • Practice "Drop, Cover, then Hold" with family and coworkers. See the video above
  • Create a family emergency communications plan that has an out-of-state contact. Plan where to meet if you get separated.
  • Make an emergency kit that includes enough food and water for at least three days, a flashlight, batteries,  a fire extinguisher, N95 standard mask, and a whistle. Consider each person’s specific needs, including medication. Do not forget the needs of pets. Have extra batteries and charging devices for phones and other critical equipment. 
  • Make sure you have an earthquake insurance with adequate coverage. you may get more information from California Department of Insurance.