Landmark Transportation Projects

High Speed Rail Banner with Train and Plane

High Desert Corridor (HDC)

The High Desert Corridor project proposes the construction of a new, approximately 63-mile, east-west freeway/expressway linking State Route 14 with SR-18 in San Bernardino County.

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High Speed Rail

The future arrival of the California High Speed Rail system, which includes a multimodal rail station located near the Palmdale Transportation Center, will transform the way residents live, work and recreate in the City of Palmdale.

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Palmdale Multimodal High Speed Rail Station Area

In partnership with the California High Speed Rail Authority, the City is working on station area planning around the planned high speed rail multimodal station near downtown Palmdale.

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Palmdale Regional Airport

For information, facts and figures associated with the Palmdale Regional Airport, click on the link below.

Palmdale Regional Airport Information, Facts and Figures