Food Programs

Traditional Food Program

Our Traditional Food Program provides emergency food up to four times per fiscal year to needy families who don’t qualify for food stamps, or are waiting for food stamps to be approved. Each food order provides enough food for three meals per day for seven days. There must be a 30-day lapse between each order. After the initial order, recipients must show an extra expense that prevented the household from purchasing food during that month, such as an unanticipated auto repair bill or medical expense.

Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)

Our Emergency Food Assistance Program provides a small food order intended to supplement, not cover, the entire monthly food needs of individuals and families. Households are eligible for an EFAP food order every two weeks. It is available to households currently receiving food stamps. This program is in collaboration with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and is funded by EFAP.

Senior Food Programs

Our Traditional Senior Food Program provides food once a month to seniors age 62 and older who are on Social Security/Supplemental Security Income (SSI), have been denied food stamps, and live independently. This food order is intended to provide enough food to significantly supplement the individual’s monthly food needs.

Our second Senior Food Program is in collaboration with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). It is for seniors 60+ that meet income guidelines and is available even if you live with extended family. This food order is provided once a month and the extended household can participate in other eligible food programs. This food order is intended to supplement the senior’s monthly food needs.

Extra Helpings

South Antelope Valley Emergency Services allows clients to receive an "extra" food order on the week that they don't qualify for their "regular" food order. In this program, clients receive a prepacked food bag.