Towed Vehicle Release Information

Towed Vehicle Release Instructions and Address

Your vehicle can be towed for the following violations:

  • Blocking a driveway or fire hydrant [CVC 22651(d)(e)]
  • No visible vehicle identification [CVC 22651(j)]
  • Storing your vehicle for more than 72 hours [22651(k)]
  • 5 or more delinquent parking tickets [CVC 22651(i)]
  • Traffic hazard [CVC 22651(b)]
  • Expired registration six months or more [CVC 22651(o)(1)]
  • Posted Sign: Tow-Away, Valet Zone, or Bus Zone [CVC 22651(n)]
  • Immobilized vehicles parked on the street; for example, vehicle lacks tires, no engine, no windshield, etc. [CVC 22669(d)]