The California Vehicle Code (CVC) outlines procedures for issuing a parking citation [CVC 40200-40230]. You may view a copy of the California Vehicle Code at your local library or online at the California Department of Motor Vehicles website.

  1. Common Vehicle Citations
  2. Administrative Citations

Common vehicle violations include:

  • Not displaying the current month and/or year tabs on your license plate. This citation is for current tabs improperly displayed, not for failing to pay vehicle registration fees [CVC 5204].
  • CVC requires that all vehicles display two license plates, one attached to the rear and one attached to the front of the vehicle [CVC 5200].
  • Vehicles cannot be parked in the same parking space for more than 72 hours. [CVC 22651(k)].

Pay Your Citation

  • By Mail: City of Palmdale, c/o Parking Citation Service Center, P.O. Box 11923, Santa Ana, CA 92711. Check, money order, or cashier's check made payable to City of Palmdale. Please note the citation number(s) on the face of your check or money order.
  • By Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard are accepted through our automated telephone system, 1-866-420-2894. Credit card payments can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Pay In-Person: Visit City of Palmdale, Neighborhood Services Compliance Office, 38250 Sierra Highway, Second Floor. Credit card payments are accepted at this location.
  • Online:
  • You are required by law to keep your address with the DMV current. If you move, you must provide the new address to DMV within 10 days. If you do not notify DMV of a move and reminder notices were sent to your old address, you are still responsible for any late fees added to your citation.
  • If you were the registered vehicle owner at the time the ticket was issued, you are responsible for the ticket.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements are available for those with unpaid parking tickets who can provide proof of indigency for citations issued on or after July 21, 2018 (see California Vehicle Code 40220 for more information).

Payment arrangements can be submitted in person using the Application for Payment Arrangement or downloaded online and mailed to City of Palmdale, c/o Parking Citation Service Center, P.O. Box 11923, Santa Ana, CA 92711.