Report Graffiti

The graffiti abatement team is responsible for eliminating graffiti in the public right-of-way and at City facilities. Barring inclement weather, graffiti is removed within 72 hours of receipt of a report.

The City is committed to maintaining a graffiti-free community. Resources available to the community include: 

  • An anti-graffiti ordinance
  • Report graffiti on the Palmdale Pride Hotline, 94-PRIDE (661-947-7433)
  • Report Graffiti Online

Graffiti on Private Property

Graffiti that occurs on private or commercial property, or on multifamily or single-family homes, is the responsibility of the property owner to remove. To report graffiti on private property, please contact Neighborhood Compliance.

Adopt-A-Wall Program

If you are interested in helping remove graffiti, you can sign up for the Adopt-A-Wall program. The program assists local residents who volunteer to remove graffiti in their neighborhood by providing them with free paint and materials, and teaches them how to report suspicious activity, and document and remove graffiti. Participation in the program does not obligate the participant to respond every time their adopted area has graffiti, nor does it relieve the City of its responsibility to remove graffiti in adopted areas. For more information, please call Public Safety at 661-267-5170.