Building AND Safety

Building and Safety regulates the construction of all new, remodeled and existing residential, commercial and industrial buildings as mandated by the State of California and the City’s building codes.

The City of Palmdale Building Division is offering a new opportunity for virtual interactive inspections using Google Duo and Zoom apps for various types of inspections in an effort to maintain progress on the many active job-sites still occurring during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Virtual Inspections Guidelines

Building Permit Application

To obtain a permit, fill out the permit application online

Residential Unit Inspection Program

Fill out the Residential Rental Unit Registration form online to register residential rental properties, or view the Residential Rental Unit Inspection Program Information (PDF) for complete information. All residential rental properties are required to be inspected by Building and Safety under City Ordinance 1273.

Please note: After completing the Residential Rental Unit Registration application, a Single Family Rental Application online must be completed through Business License.

Solar Permit Application

Review the Photovoltaic System Plan Check Worksheet (PDF) and fill out the Residential Solar Permit Application online.

Applications are processed during regular business hours, please allow 48 hours for processing.

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