Multiple-family Residential Design Guidelines

9 - Multiplex Affordable Housing with Podium Parking
8 - Multiplex Affordable Housing with Some Covered_Tuck-Under Parking 2
7 - Multiplex Affordable Housing with Some Covered_Tuck-Under Parking 1
5 - Garden Apartments with Surface Parking
4 - Walk-Up Quadplex
3 - Triplex
2 - Attached Townhomes
1 - High-Density Single-Family

What are we doing?

The City is currently developing multi-family and mixed-use development standards and guidelines that will provide for a wide range of housing opportunities for people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds that enhance Palmdale’s high desert setting.

We would like to hear from you!

What type of housing design does Palmdale need for you, your children, your parents and your community? Join us for an important and informative virtual meeting. We want to hear your ideas for expanding housing choices in Palmdale.

1st Community Workshop

At this meeting we reviewed Palmdale’s residential and neighborhood strengths and opportunities, met with City staff and consultants and invited you to share your insights. 

1st Community Workshop Video

2nd Community Workshop

At this meeting, we reviewed the draft Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Design Standards. Participants had the opportunity to meet with City staff and consultants, and provided input to help shape multi-family and mixed-use housing in Palmdale.

2nd Community Workshop Video

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