Lil Antelopes on Parade Scavenger Hunt


The City of Palmdale is committed to supporting our local businesses and artists. Join our fun new competition that will allow our residents to discover new local businesses with a public art spin and win some great prizes while supporting local businesses. The City’s #PalmdaleCares campaign will launch a local business scavenger hunt on May 24 with multiple prizes and a chance for a grand prize of $1,000 in gifts cards from participating businesses.

Between May 24 and June 24 participants can use the Scavify app and download the Lil’ Antelopes on Parade Scavenger Hunt. Residents are encouraged to visit at least six out of 12 participating businesses where they will need to locate a painted lil’ antelope on display in the business, take a selfie photo with the antelope and upload it to the app. The first ten people to complete the full hunt will receive a $ 25 gift card and all participants visiting six or more businesses will receive one entry into a raffle to win $1,000 in goodies from the businesses. Visit all 12 and receive two entries into the raffle. 

For those that do not wish to use the Scavify app to participate you may download a scavenger hunt sheet below. Once you have completed your hunt, simply drop off your form at your last destination or email it to 

Lil Antelopes On Parade Scavenger Hunt Sheet (PDF)

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 30.   Remember you have until June 24 to complete the hunt.  Each of the 12 participating businesses represent different industries and are located throughout the City of Palmdale.  

Lastly, but not least, enjoy! This is a fun way to learn about the amazing businesses in Palmdale and support our local economy!