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Palmdale Recycled Water Authority (PRWA)



Pursuant to the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement Creating the Palmdale Recycled Water Authority, dated September 26, 2012, The City of Palmdale and the Palmdale Water District jointly created the Palmdale Recycled Water Authority (PRWA). The PRWA is an entity separate from the City and the Palmdale Water District, which, among other things, jointly studies, promotes, develops, distributes, constructs, installs, finances, uses and manages recycled water resources created by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District numbers 14 and 20 for any and all reasonable and beneficial uses, including the irrigation and recharge, and to finance the acquisition and construction or installation of recycled water facilities, recharge facilities and irrigation systems.

Meeting Information (Meetings and Agendas)

The PRWA regular meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 38300 Sierra Highway, Suite B, Palmdale.

PRWA Members (1 Year Renewable Term)

The Palmdale Recycled Water Authority consists of five (5) Directors. The Palmdale Water District and the Palmdale City Council shall each appoint two (2) Directors who are authorized to act on their behalf on matters within the powers of the Authority. The fifth Director "Public Member" shall be appointed jointly by both agencies. The Directors appointed by the City of Palmdale receive no compensation.  The Directors appointed by the Palmdale Water District receive compensation determined by the Palmdale Water District. The fifth Public Member Director, jointly appointed, is compensated $150 per meeting attended and receives reimbursement for training expenses.

Duties and Responsibilities
PRWA Boundaries Map


Position Name Email Term Expires
Chair Juan Carrillo jcarrillo@cityofpalmdale.org  
Vice Chair  Vincent Dino vdino@palmdalewater.org  
Director Kathy Mac Laren  kmaclaren@palmdalewater.org  
Director Austin Bishop abishop@cityofpalmdale.org  
Director "Public Member" Helen Velador   1/20
Alternate Laura Bettencourt lbettencourt@cityofpalmdale.org  



Staff Assistance


Position Name Email Term Expires
Executive Director Dennis LaMoreaux dlamoreaux@palmdalewater.org N/A
Assistant Executive Director Chuck heffernan cheffernan@cityofpalmdale.org N/A
Secretary to the Board Rebecca J. Smith bsmith@cityofpalmdale.org N/A


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