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Hours and Contact Information

City of Palmdale
38300 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550

Open Monday-Thursday
7:30 am-6 pm
Closed Friday

Resources for Residents
  • Emergency Services
    Find information related to the management and coordination of emergency response and recovery operations in the event of natural or manmade disasters.
  • Housing Information
    Find information relating to housing programs offered by the city.
  • Job Opportunities
    Find information on city jobs or view any of the job related resources we provide.
  • Local School Districts
    Find information and contact details for Palmdale's school districts and continuing education.
  • Neighborhood Services
    The Neighborhood Services team works to improve and strengthen Palmdale’s neighborhoods. Through Community Engagement, Neighborhood Revitalization and Safety programs our goal is to create, support, foster and maintain a safe community and affordable housing.
  • Palmdale27 TV
    Palmdale 27 TV offers our local community an informative cable access channel, which provides viewers of all ages exciting and innovative programming, including news, information, educational, cultural, public affairs, sports and human interest stories.
  • Palmdale City Library
    The Palmdale City Library provides public access to a books, computers and other learning resources.  Find information to any of the numerous community events hosted by the Palmdale City Library.
  • Palmdale Magazine and the Activity Guides
    The Palmdale Magazine is an extensive resource to Palmdale residents to provide information on activities, events and news within the city.
  • Recreation and Culture
    Palmdale offers a wide variety of recreational activities for all ages ranging from adult and youth sports to art, illustration, Tiny Tots and Fitness Flex & Stretch for seniors -- you're sure to find a program to meet your unique needs.
  • Recycling Information
    Not sure if an item is recyclable or don’t know where to take an item for recycling? Find out more information on our recycling information page.
  • South Antelope Valley Emergency Services (SAVES)
    South Antelope Valley Emergency Services (SAVES) is dedicated to alleviating hunger among very- low and extremely low income working families, elderly, disabled and homeless individuals of the South Antelope Valley.
  • Sister City Program
    The U.S/Mexico Sister City Program was initiated by President Eisenhower in 1956. It was developed to build one-on-one community relations with cities in other countries so that people could cross national boundaries and get to know each other personally and form mutual respect and understanding of other cultures.
  • Stay Connected
    Stay connected with the city through social media or signup to receive emails from any of our e-newsletters!
  • Transportation
    Find resources regarding the various methods of transportation available within the City of Palmdale.
  • Utilities
    Find a list of the available utility companies within the city and their respective contact information.
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