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Planning An Outdoor Event?

Thank you for considering the City of Palmdale for your upcoming special event.

Our special event application process provides information, rules, and regulations important to planning your next event. Read the information carefully, as it is updated periodically and may be different than what you have received in the past.

Remember to make a copy of your completed application for your records.

Special Event versus Facility Use Permit: Which is the right one for me?


Thank you for your interest in holding an event in the City of Palmdale. Events play an integral role in building community and creating vibrancy within Palmdale.

It can often be confusing as to if you need a Special Event Contract or simply a Facility Use Permit. To determine if your event requires a Special Event Contract please use the definitions listed below.

For the purpose of this document, a Special Event is defined as an event that:

  • Has a greater impact on the park and neighboring community than casual or intended park use
  • Requires external infrastructure to support the event (i.e. tents, bleachers, portable toilets, stages, sound, etc.)
  • Use of any street, sidewalk, or other right-of-way
  • Any noise exceeding the City's noise ordinance
  • Parking needs that will exceed the capacity of the venue
  • Generate a crowd of spectators sufficient in size to obstruct, delay, or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian, vehicular traffic, or City facilities
  • Events occurring for more than one day
  • Events needing police or fire regulations, monitoring, and/or control

A Festival is further defined as a special event whose primary purpose is to present multi-faceted arts, cultural, or recreation based experiences. Festivals typically include elements such as music, dance or theatrical performances, hands-on activities, visual arts exhibitions, activity demonstrations, festival merchandise sales, and food and beverage sales/service. In addition, the site set-up and take-down normally happen on days other than the actual event day.

Fundraising Walks and Runs are special events whose primary focus is to raise awareness and/or funds for specific social or health issues. They typically desire to maximize the number of participants.

A FACILITY USE PERMIT is primarily defined as a private event such as a company picnic or birthday party, is not open to the public, and does not meet the criteria of a special event as stated above. Request Facility Reservation

Special event staff is available to assist you in determining which process is the right one for your event. Staff can be reached at (661) 267-5611 or by email at parksrec@cityofpalmdale.org

Outdoor Event Application
Park Space Event Maps
Fees and Deposits
Rental Guidelines and Required Insurance
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