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Public Works

The department of Public Works is responsible for the development and maintenance of the public infrastructure that contributes to the enhanced quality of life in our community.

Responsibilities include the administration of the City's capital improvement program; benefit assessment districts for landscaping and street lighting; development review and approvals; flood control; traffic and transportation planning; development and maintenance of City buildings and grounds, public parking areas, parks, trails, streets, landscaping, traffic control systems and City equipment and assets.

The Palmdale Department of Public Works has won many regional awards for various programs, projects and people.

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The Department of Public Works is comprised of 5 divisions which manage all public works activities. Divisions include Maintenance, Capital Improvements, Environmental, Engineering and Transportation/GIS.

The Public Works Department is proud to be the first American Public Works Association (APWA) Accredited Agency in Los Angeles County. The Department's Accreditation status demonstrates the Department's dedication to provide a high level of service to the community, meeting or exceeding nationally recognized standards in public works management.

APWA Accreditation Information

Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Division is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the City's ongoing Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program which includes improvement projects throughout the City, such as landscaping, beautification and signage; street widening, rehabilitation, resurfacing and sealing; sidewalks, bikeways and trails; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements; traffic signals and safety improvements; transportation facilities and transit amenities; water resource and drainage systems; parks, recreation and athletic facilities; public offices and buildings; overhead utility undergrounding; drainage projects; and environmental mitigation. Other programs include Right-of-Way Acquisition, disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), Local Hazard Mitigation, Grant Development , and Public Outreach (to residents, businesses, utilities, railroads and other agencies).


The Maintenance division is divided into 4 sections and is responsible for:

Streets: Maintains over 518 miles of streets, 545 miles of sidewalk; 9 bridges and drainage facilities within City right-of-way; provides street sweeping for over 18,000 miles of curb per year; maintains over 8,575 street signs; maintains 78,000 trees within public right-of-way; and 5 regional drainage basins.

Landscape: Maintains over 518 acres at 21 City parks, 19,000 trees, 15 softball fields, 4 little league baseball fields, 16 soccer fields, 6 volleyball courts, 10 tennis courts, 9 basketball courts, several park playground areas, 2 roller hockey rinks, over 245 neighborhood landscaped benefit districts and 235 drainage basins.

Fleet: Maintain 500 vehicles and equipment, hazardous waste management, and vehicle wash center recycling and maintenance.

Facilities: Maintains over 41 public facilities with over 396,127 square-feet of building area; including preventative maintenance on all mechanical equipment and facility related fixtures; structural repair; remodeling; building and fire code compliance; and water chemistry and quality for the aquatics facility and 43 swimming pools.

Sewer: The Sewer Maintenance Division provides the City with a cost-effective, dependable Sewer Maintenance Program and high quality Recycled Water Program at a reasonable cost to city facilities and schools. The Division's responsibilities include addressing the immediate needs of the residents and facilities, directing the funds invested into the programs to the sewer system and recycled water system serving the City, and helping to ensure that the City is compliant with all applicable regulations.

Environmental & Technology

Environmental & Technology includes monitoring the Department's environmental compliance efforts, the City's solid waste and recycling programs, air quality programs, along with energy conservation and efficiency programs.  The City will retrofit the lights to energy efficient Light Emitting Diode lights and will be the point of contact for street light complaints and inquiries.  Please contact the City at 661/267-5300 or report it here


The Engineering and Traffic division is divided into 4 sections and is responsible for:

Engineering: Provide professional engineering support to the development community, City departments and all capital improvement projects. Develops and implements engineering design standards and specifications, Administers special benefit districts for improvements, including landscaping and street lighting districts. Processes encroachment permits for work within public right-of-way. Administers flood control. Reviews and permit authority for development related to public infrastructure and subdivision maps as tentative, final and parcel maps, lot mergers, lot line adjustments, road and infrastructure easements, and certificates of compliance. Reviews plans for grading, roadway improvements, street sewer, storm drain and street lighting as well as landscaping plans. Manage improvement security bonds.

Construction Inspection Section: Verifies and maintains sustainable engineering design standards and specifications as well as maintains appropriate service levels for inspecting development within city right-of-way. Provide inspection for grading, roadway, sewer and storm drains, street lighting and landscaping improvements.

Traffic Engineering Section: The traffic engineering section conducts traffic studies for the installation of traffic control devices. Reviews and conditions land development project applications as it relates to traffic and transportation. Monitors services provided by Antelope Valley Transit Authority, Metro and other transportation providers to ensure transit services are available to meet community needs. Coordinates and provides input to Caltrans, Southern California Area of Governments and California High Speed Rail Authority to fulfill the regional transportation needs of the Antelope Valley. Review the design of roadway improvements, signage, bikeways and traffic signals to promote a safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Provides support to school districts on their suggested Routes to School Program. Manage preventive maintenance to traffic signals within our City and to some traffic signals within the un-incorporated area of Los Angeles County in the vicinity of the City of Palmdale.

Traffic Signal Maintenance Section: The traffic signal maintenance section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the citywide traffic signal system to promote a safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Maintains and operates the City of Palmdale Advanced Traffic Management Center. Provide Traffic signal maintenance services, through an agreement with Los Angeles County, for traffic signals located within the un-incorporated area of the County in the vicinity of the City of Palmdale.

Transportation/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Transportation/GIS Division is responsible for obtaining grants and managing a wide range of transportation, transit-oriented development and multi-modal projects. Divisional responsibilities also include regional coordination with outside agencies on legislative, transportation and land use projects, as well as maintenance and management of City Map Library (CML) and an internal and publicly accessible Geographic Information System (GIS).

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