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Partners Against Crime
38250 Sierra Highway, 2nd Floor
Palmdale, CA 93550

Open Monday-Thursday
7:30 am-6 pm
Closed Friday

Partners Against Crime

The PAC program combines the City, Palmdale Sheriff's Station, rental property owners and managers and residents into a team that focuses on keeping illegal activity out of rental property and improving the quality of life for all Palmdale residents.

The PAC program focuses on neighborhood maintenance and revitalization, advancing creative and comprehensive interventions for insidious social epidemics such as gangs, drugs and hate crimes. Most important, community-based policing is tough on crime.

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Partners Against Crime Certification Program

The PAC three-phase certification has become the cornerstone of the program. Property owners and/or managers must complete the three phases and maintain active participation to remain a member in good standing with the PAC Program. The class fee is $25 per person.

The three phases include:

Phase 1 - Landlord Training Program

The landlord training program is open to individuals who own or manage rental property. Participation and completion of this class is mandatory for owners/managers seeking certification for their property.

The landlord training program is an eight-hour course that takes place over two nights and takes an in-depth look at managing rental properties, keeping illegal activity off properties and the current laws and practices involved with landlords and their tenants.

Phase 2 - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Inspections

In order for law enforcement officers to effectively combat crime on properties, it is necessary for property owners to make CPTED modifications to their properties. These standards address the physical design of a property and can include such issues as installing appropriate locks on doors and windows, installing outdoor lighting and landscaping designed to deter criminal activity.

In Phase II, properties are inspected to identify and recommend CPTED modifications and later verify that the modifications are completed. Properties that meet and maintain these recommended modifications will be certified as meeting the program's CPTED requirements. PAC certification may be revoked if the minimum requirements are not maintained.

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Phase 3 - Partners Against Crime Apartment Watch

The third segment of the PAC program is the Apartment Watch or Mobile Home Watch segment where residents receive crime prevention training. The effectiveness of organizing neighborhoods for problem solving has been documented across the country and has similarly proven very successful here in Palmdale.

Palmdale's PAC program has also been very successful in forming and maintaining Apartment Watch groups These groups are made up of tenants, property managers, property owners and neighbors.

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