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Job Applicant Information

The City of Palmdale is noted for its highly skilled work force with a large concentration of aerospace firms located at Air Force Plant 42 and nearby Edwards Air Force Base. Its family oriented and culturally enhancing venues such as the Palmdale Playhouse, DryTown Water Park and Starlight Amphitheater make Palmdale “a place to call home.”

The city is located approximately one hour north of Los Angeles off the Antelope Valley Freeway (14). Palmdale encompasses about 104 square miles and has a population of approximately 153,000. The City is served by several school districts and has a growing retail and commercial base.

BUSINESS HOURS: Normal operating hours are from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Thursday. CLOSED on Friday.

UNION: The Teamsters Local 911 represents certain positions in the City’s Maintenance Division of Public Works.

APPLICATION MATERIALS must be submitted by the closing date listed in the job bulletin. Resumes cannot be accepted in lieu of a City online application.

RESIDENCE within the City is not required.

AN ELIGIBILITY LIST of the most qualified applicants will be compiled based on the results of the selection process. The list will remain in place for a period to be determined by Human Resources.

A PROBATION PERIOD of six months minimum applies to initial employment with the City.

Employee Benefits

BENEFITS listed here apply to full-time and benefited part-time positions; not to unbenefited part-time employees unless so described.

SICK LEAVE:  Employees accrue 96 hours per year with a maximum accrual of 800 hours (400 hours for benefited part-time employees). Unbenefited part-time employees receive 28 hours of paid sick leave per fiscal year.

VACATION, HOLIDAYS AND LEAVE:  VACATION, HOLIDAYS AND LEAVE: The City provides 14 paid holidays per year and 80 hours vacation (years one through four) with a maximum accrual of 240 hours (160 hours for benefited part-time employees). Administrative employees accrue 80 hours of administrative leave per year with a maximum accrual of 240 hours.

RETIREMENT:  The City is a member of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (Cal-PERS). Full-time and benefited part-time employees will be enrolled in either the New Member or Classic plan, as defined by CalPERS. New Members are enrolled in the 2% @ 62 formula and pay the full 6.25% employee contribution. Classic Members are enrolled in the 2% @ 60 formula and pay the full 7% employee contribution.

All other part-time employees are covered under the Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS).

WELLNESS PROGRAM:  The program includes gym membership discounts, healthy eating programs, exercise classes & other programs.

DIRECT DEPOSIT:  Direct Deposit is mandatory for all new employees.

CREDIT UNION:  F&A Federal Credit Union & Logix Federal Credit Union (formerly Lockheed) are available options.

INSURANCE:  The City offers group health, dental/vision, long term and short term disability, and a $50,000 life insurance policy for full-time employees. The City contributes towards the employee’s health insurance.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION:  The City participates in the ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation Plan, which enables benefited part-time and full-time employees to contribute on a tax deferred basis.

OVERTIME COMPENSATION:  Over time is accrued at time-and-a-half for eligible employees for time physically worked in excess of the regular forty (40) hour work week.

PART-TIME EMPLOYEES:  Unbenefited part-time employees are reviewed for merit salary advancement, but are not eligible for any other benefits listed. Benefited part-time employees are eligible for CalPERS retirement, sick leave, holidays, & vacation on a prorated basis.

MILEAGE PAY:  Any employee may be reimbursed for work related mileage, at a rate consistent with the current IRS guidelines, when assigned to use their private vehicle on City business.

SOCIAL SECURITY:  The City does not participate in Social Security, and does not deduct Social Security payments from any employee’s salary. The City does deduct 1.45% of salary for Medicare & makes a 1.45% matching contribution.

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